UWM Letterhead Order Form

UWM letterhead may be ordered as 1 color (black ink only) or 2 color (black and UWM gold). In order to adhere to the University’s Graphic Standards and brand identity program, NO VARIATIONS OF THE STANDARD LAYOUT WILL BE ALLOWED. All letterhead is 8-1/2 x11 inches and printed on white 25% rag bond.

When placing exact repeat orders, include the old job number.

Cost: See standard items price list.

UWM Letterhead Order Form

  • pantherID@uwm.edu
  • PR#
  • (i.e., 101, 136, 132)
  • Project or Grant Number
  • Org./Dept. Code (6 digits)
  • (1 digit)
  • If this letterhead has been printed before, enter the previous job number and indicate whether this order is an exact repeat or revised. If this letterhead has never been printed before, choose "New Order".
  • Shipping Information

    Enter the full name, department, and location of the person to receive the envelope shipment.
  • Letterhead Details

    Enter the information exactly as you wish it to appear on the letterhead. If this is an Exact repeat order, and you have provided the previous job number, skip to the next section. If you are not CERTAIN you have the correct previous job number, complete this section.
  • Optionally, the department or office name can appear in place of School/College/Division, but only with dean or division head approval, which can be requested on the "Name Substitution Authorization" form.
  • Branding guidelines allow for a tagline in lower right-hand corner.
  • Fill in the following only if ordering personalized letterhead:

  • Order Details