Between the Form and Formlessness of Objects and Desire: The Economies of Ambivalence, Androgeny and Passion

Peck School of the Arts / Dance


My 2017/18 research is an interdisciplinary collaborative performance project titled: Between the Form and Formlessness of Objects and Desire: The Economies of Ambivalence, Androgyny, and Passion. This work deconstructs symbolism and semiotics as they are rescripted through the body and environment. My collaboration with artists and scholars at UWM, in Milwaukee, and Lawrence University extends this research with dance, visual, and digital artists by developing interactive performance installations that will culminate in performances in Milwaukee and festivals nationally. The choreographic methods we design will inquire how gender is performed and deconstructed. I utilize choreography, new media, and interactive performance scores to explore the materiality within an analogue-digital spectrum. Our methods combine choreographic and embodied performance with motion sensors, camera feed, and projected images to explore the ever-vanishing and ever-present gesture.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The student will join this research project as a co-investigator of choreography, improvisation, design, and performance. Their responsibilities will be to attend weekly rehearsals that include our digital artists collaborators as we develop compositions of movement, technology, and spatial design. Part of their contribution will be as scribe creating a digital archive of our lexicon, methods, and creative process, adding them to an ongoing research and process blog. In addition to weekly rehearsals, they will work independently to research designs and performance methods from artists in the field currently working with new media and movement. The student will be a vital part of the local performance installations- composing and performing in public performances.

Desired Qualifications