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The First 60 Credits

First- and second-year students can conveniently complete all their General Education Requirements through the fully online First 60 Credits sequence administered by the College of Letters & Science at UWM.

Questions? Contact Andy Cuneo.

Andy Cuneo

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Holton Hall, 175
2442 E Hartford Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Advisor serves students on and off campus

Serving as an advisor to online students is similar to working with students in person, but different in some critical ways.

“We pretty much act as their eyes because they’re not on campus,” says Andy Cuneo, advisor in the College of Letters & Science. He advises 30 full-time online students and an additional 70 to 100 students taking a blend of online and in-person courses. (He also teaches communication classes and advises on-campus students.)

Cuneo, who uses Skype, email, phone and texts to connect, helps online students with everything from choosing classes to applying for scholarships to resolving technical issues.

One of the biggest initial concerns for new online students, he says, is anxiety. Having worked with the UW System’s College Connection program, linking two-year campuses to UWM, he’s used to that. “I have students who told me, ‘I just can’t do online,’ but once they figured it out, they loved it.”

Cuneo is going into his 18th year as an advisor. “It’s rewarding, especially when the students appreciate the help so much. “I’m grateful for the opportunity, the work is very satisfying.”

Online Class Schedules

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