Undergraduate Students

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions reviews applications for 11 UWM Online undergraduate programs and more than 20 certificate programs. Applications come from adult students beginning or completing a first degree and transfer students from other 4-year universities, technical colleges and other academic institutions.

Begin your application at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Questions? Contact online@uwm.edu

Transfer students

As the top transfer destination in the UW System, UWM has experienced admissions counselors who provide friendly and knowledgeable support to admitted and prospective transfer students. Online students are encouraged to begin researching transfer options at least one semester in advance. Students with 12 or more recognized college credits may be considered for regular admission. Students with fewer credits may require additional evaluation.

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Graduate students

UWM Online’s award-winning combination of flexibility and dedicated faculty makes online learning ideal for graduate students with busy lives – whether they live in Milwaukee, elsewhere in Wisconsin or in another state or country.

Begin your application process at the Graduate School.

Questions? Contact Gradschool@uwm.edu.

Flex Option

Designed to make UW degrees and certificates more accessible, convenient and affordable for adults and nontraditional students, the UW Flexible Option includes self-paced, competency-based degree and certificate programs that allow students to make progress toward a bachelor’s degree by demonstrating what they have learned through prior coursework, military training, on-the-job training or other learning experiences. UWM’s flexible options include:

  • Bachelor’s degree for registered nurses who need additional college to qualify for higher professional credentials
  • Bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences: diagnostic imaging degree completion program and a health sciences degree completion program
  • Bachelor’s degree in information science and technology
  • Certificate in business and technical communication

Questions? Contact flex@uwex.edu

State authorization

Additional information and complaint contacts for states

Distance Learning Education – State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement*

Pursuant to Wis. Stats. Ch. 39.85, et. al, the State of Wisconsin is a member of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) through the Midwestern Higher Education Compact which regulates the manner in which participating institutions may offer distance learning education to students who reside in other states. UWM is a participating institution in MSARA. The terms and conditions of SARA can be found at http://nc-sara.org/content/sara-policies-and-standards. If a student has a complaint that involves distance learning education offered under the terms and conditions of SARA, the student must file a complaint with the institution first to seek resolution (contact the Dean of Students Office (https://uwm.edu/deanofstudents/assistance/complaints-and-grievances/; 414-229-4632; osl@uwm.edu) or the Office of the Provost at 414-229-3203; lpedrick@uwm.edu).

If no resolution is reached, then the student may file a complaint with the Wisconsin Distance Learning Authorization Board (DLAB) through the following State Authorization Reciprocity Complaint Process at the following link: https://www.wisconsin.edu/student-complaints/ or by email to afgp@uwsa.edu.

For purposes of this process, a complaint shall be defined as a formal assertion in writing that the terms of this agreement, or of laws, standards or regulations incorporated by the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements Policies and Standards have been violated by the institution operating under the terms of SARA.

Additional information can be found at http://www.heab.state.wi.us/DLAB/faq.html.

Complaint Process for Wisconsin Residents

If a student has a complaint that involves distance learning education, the student can file a complaint to seek resolution either by contacting the Dean of Students Office (https://uwm.edu/deanofstudents/assistance/complaints-and-grievances/; 414-229-4632; osl@uwm.edu) or the Office of the Provost at 414-229-3203; lpedrick@uwm.edu).

Professional Licensure

Important Notice to Students: If you are considering an online academic program that leads to a professional license, it is highly recommended you contact the appropriate licensing agency where you plan to receive instruction before beginning your academic program. SARA does not provide reciprocity for state professional licensing requirements. Academic programs and individual graduates must meet standards set by that state’s licensure requirements in order for a graduate to be eligible for a license. Visit UWM’s Licensure Disclosure webpage for more information on UWM’s programs that can lead to professional licensure. Note that the page includes all programs leadng to licensure, not just those that are online.