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Health care organizations employ a vast and complex array of information systems. To utilize and maintain these systems, health care organizations need knowledgeable and skilled employees.

The certificate in health care informatics prepares you to understand, analyze and evaluate information technology that is used to perform the administrative and clinical tasks within a health care organization.

Program Type

Undergraduate Certificate

Program Format

On Campus, Online, UW Flex Option

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The UWM certificate in health care informatics is of particular value to those in the health professions, information sciences or those seeking careers with hospitals, clinics, insurance and pharmaceutical firms, as well as vendors who design, develop and install health care information systems.

  • You can complete the certificate online.
  • This unique learning opportunity is taught by world-renowned faculty members and offers a wide range of comprehensive, interdisciplinary and in-depth courses.

The certificate in health care informatics is an 18-credit certificate that will prepare you to meet the diverse and adaptive needs of a career in the health and information science professions.

Undergraduate students may prepare for graduate study available through UWM’s MS Health Care Informatics program. You may integrate the certificate with your undergraduate major or pursue the certificate post-baccalaureate.

To obtain the certificate, you must complete, with a minimum grade point average of 2.0, 18 credits in approved certificate courses, of which 12 must be earned in residence at UWM.

HS 222: Language of Medicine (F/S/SU) OR
BMS 205: Introduction to Diagnostic Medicine (F)
HS 224: Computational Tools for Healthcare Professionals (F/S) OR
INFOST 110: Introduction to Information Science & Technology (F/S)
INFOST 315: Knowledge Organization for Information Science and Technology (F/S/SU) OR
INFOST 370: Data Analysis and Visualization for the Information Professional (F/S/SU)
HCA 537: Health Information Technology and Management (F)3
HCA 541: Healthcare Information System Analysis and Design (S) OR
INFOST 340: Introduction to Systems Analysis (F/S/SU)
INFOST 465: Legal Aspects of Information Products & Services (F/S) OR
HS 311: Law and Ethics for Healthcare Professionals (S)

F, S, SU (fall, spring, summer) refers to semesters in which courses are taught.