Program Codes for Sponsored Program Expenses

To ensure the accuracy and consistency of our reporting on sponsored programs, all expenses charged to 133 and 144 accounts must be assigned the correct Program Code. This code will always correlate with the UW Project Type (e.g., Research, Public Service, or Instruction), which is determined when the program is submitted at the Pre-Award stage.

Each program has one UW Project Type, and all the expenses charged to its account must be in agreement with it. The most common codes for sponsored projects are:

  • Instruction = Program Code 2 for all expenses
  • Research Projects = Program Code 4 (Research) for all expenses
  • Public Service/Outreach Projects = Program Code 5 (Extension and Public Service), for all expenses, regardless of the specific activity the expense supports.

PeopleSoft Grants will reject any expense entered with a Program Code that does not match the program’s UW Project Type.