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SREed Updates

Understanding the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin's inaugural RFP

Results from the Fall 2022 project show how the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin increased collaboration across UW System through its steering committee, curriculum working group, and regular engagement with UW System administrators, faculty, and staff. Through supporting efforts at the 13 UW universities, students participated in research and gained hands-on experience related to some of Wisconsin’s most pressing freshwater needs. Learn more in the 2020-22 report.

New interim report shows Future Forward had a positive impact on the reading achievement of students in Alabama.

In the final year of the Education Innovations and Research Mid-phase grant, Future Forward supported the literacy development of students in two Alabama and one Wisconsin school. Through a switched replication research design, half of study participants were randomly assigned to receive Future Forward in the fall and the other half will receive it in the spring. Overall, the results demonstrate that in the fall Future Forward had a positive impact on student reading achievement. This impact was driven by a large impact realized in the two Alabama schools.

SREed releases the evaluation for the Wisconsin Urban Leadership Institute's fourth cohort

Results show how the fourth cohort of the Wisconsin Urban Leadership Institute was implemented with quality and fidelity to antiracist, culturally competent, community-centered principles despite the difficult circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Find the first, second, third, and fourth cohort reports here.