Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education (SREed) is a research and evaluation group at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee that partners with education agencies to promote system change and improvement for the end of improving educational equity for students from all backgrounds. We implement our work according to the following four principles:


We help our partners understand why their programs and policies are or are not working as intended. We do this by exploring the theories that determine how a program is designed and how it is being implemented.


We ensure that the questions we ask are the most salient to our partners. We have a strong history partnering with school districts, state education agencies, community organizations, nonprofits and universities.


We adhere to evaluation approaches and theories emphasizing use in our work. We define our success by how much our partners are able to use our findings to inform their decision-making.


SREed has expertise and experience using a wide range of evaluation and research designs to address the informational and support needs of educators. These include experimental, quasi-experimental and theory-driven approaches. Within any one evaluation project, multiple qualitative and quantitative methods are used.