Collaborate@UWM: Publication Credit and Grant Development

  • Academy of Medical Sciences Team Science Report 2016 (PDF) summarizes the OK Academy of Medical Sciences recommendations on ways to encourage, recognize and appropriately “count” and reward team science work and contributions in academic contexts that tend to be more individually focused. It argues that academic recognition must fundamentally change to include the assessment of team members and activities when assessing and rewarding researcher performance. It also details a range of recommendations to facilitate these changes at all levels, from departments and institutions to publishers and funding agencies.
  • Overcoming Barriers to Multidisciplinary Research (.docx) This UC-Irvine Task Force to Identify Barriers to Multidisciplinary Research makes a number of specific recommendations about how to facilitate recognition and reward for multidisciplinary researchers. Topics include the personnel process, administrative support and resources, cost sharing, credit, facilitation, policy and reintegration of staff at the end of large interdisciplinary grants.