Collaborate@UWM: Introduction to Collaboration Science

  • Team Training materials, including on-line modules and other resources, that allow researchers to develop and apply basic knowledge of team science. Module content grounded in empirical evidence and SciTS theory; modules provide experiential training in the use of team science concepts and techniques in a variety of settings.
  • The Science of Team Science (SciTS) listserv facilitates knowledge sharing among individuals engaged in, studying, facilitating, and supporting team science, in the US and internationally. It is maintained by the SciTS Team of the National Cancer Institute of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. International in scope; traffic varies.
  • Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide (PDF) provides an overview to Team Sciences processes and tools serves as a great overview of the field and resources. Topics include Building a Research Team, Developing a Shared Vision, Sharing Recognition and Credit, Handling Conflict and Strengthening Team Dynamics.
  • Thriving in an Era of Team Science (PDF) This Burroughs Wellcome Fund publication provides an brief history and overview of team science issues as well as a number of illustrative case studies.
  • Enhancing Effectiveness of Team Science (PDF) In this 2015 publication, the National Academy of Sciences reviews the current research to help guide development of research teams; issues include leadership, team professional development, virtual collaborations, and institutional and organizational issues regarding team support and evaluation.