Entrepreneurship at UWM

UWM has an abundance of resources and involvement opportunities for entrepreneurship on campus. Resources include competitions providing hands-on training in everything from critical thinking to elevator pitching, courses that integrate entrepreneurial thinking into the existing curriculum, and programs that assist with your startup formation. You will walk away from any of the following programs with an expanded network and may even receive seed funding!

Startup Challenge

Co-curricular program that encourages students to develop their ideas and launch businesses.

NSF Milwaukee I-Corps

Researchers and entrepreneurs explore the viability of their technologies and ventures through the “Lean Startup”.

Innovation Talks

One-hour intimate conversations with a local entrepreneur or community innovator.

Innovators Expo

UWM’s Innovators Expo is an annual celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship that showcases student, faculty, and staff startups.

UWM Research Foundation

The UWM Research Foundation supports a continuum of intellectual property management activities and student entrepreneurship.

University Innovation Fellows

A nationwide program run by Stanford University where students train with colleagues to become change agents for innovation on campus.

UWM Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO)

Hosted by the Lubar College of Business, CEO is open to students in any discipline.

Prototyping Club at UWM

This diverse club is composed of students dedicated to inventing, tinkering, making, and learning. They also help run the EMS Makerspace.

Immersive Media Lab

The Immersive Media Lab focuses on mediums and technologies of the future. This interdisciplinary research space merges art and science.

Business School Entrepreneurial Programs

From professional student orgs to specialty internships, the Lubar College offers many doors to enter into the campus startup culture.

Arts & Social Entrepreneurship

Prepares arts students to become leaders in their communities and engaged with social challenges.

Wisconsin Big Ideas Tournament

Teaches Lean Startup business development tools, provides business mentorship, and allows participants to compete at a state level.

La Macchia New Venture Business Plan

UWM students can earn significant cash prizes and learn how to develop, write, and present an effective business plan.

James D. Scheinfeld Entrepreneurial Awards Competition

This competition encourages students to take new ideas to market by awarding seed capital to the top three entries.


PantherHacks provides event programming to encourage, accelerate, and foster an environment of collaboration and innovation on campus.

App Brewery

This group of UWM students develop mobile applications for non-profits, student entrepreneurs and other organizations.

I.T. Innovations Internship Program

This Tech Talent Innovation Accelerator gives students an opportunity to work on UWM IT projects.