UWM’s Innovators Expo is an annual celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship that showcases the newest student, faculty, and staff startups in an exhibit format.

Why should I go?

Want to hear the latest and greatest ideas? UWM has a wealth of research and innovation happening on campus. In one space you can hear about new startup ideas while at another listen to the impactful research that propels innovation around campus.

What is the PantherBuck Challenge?

Each attendee receives three, one million dollars in PantherBucks. Each startup has a box at their booth to accept PantherBucks. Attendees then decide what startup is worth their investment. The startup with the most investments at the end of the night receives a real cash prize!

What does a booth look like?

Each participant is given 4 feet of space which is half of an 8 foot table shared by another participant. Participants are given complete freedom in designing their showcase. Prototypes, takeaways, and swag are strongly encouraged. The purpose of this event is to showcase the participants and their journey.