Lubar Entrepreneurship Center Business Model Canvas Mixer is an annual event that creates exciting innovative collisions. We invite students to a innovative brainstorm session with Milwaukee students, faculty, staff and community business leaders.

Modeling Entrepreneurship

The UWM Lubar Entrepreneurship Center Business Model Canvas Mixer is an exciting annual event that brings students together with local community entrepreneurs and mentors to collaborate, display, and build canvases in one co-working space. Any Milwaukee student is invited to participate. Students can expect to meet community mentors and get individualized attention on their idea.

Mentors can expect to be in a small breakout room with students and be provided guiding questions to stoke the student’s thinking. Contact if you’re interested in becoming a mentor. Mentors are only needed for the first half of the workshop (approximately 9:30am – 11:30am – details will be confirmed in an email) but are welcome to stay longer.

Event Timeline

This event is part of the Startup Challenge program. Anyone is welcome to participate in the event whether or not signed up for the Startup Challenge. Half the day is dedicated to the Business Model Canvas Mixer and the other half on customer discovery training. Lunch will be provided.

Lean Launchpad Methodology

Using “Lean Launchpad” methodology, students and local entrepreneurs are challenged to interact with others to discover the framework of their business as well as form teams. The Business Model Canvas is a tool that helps entrepreneurs better understand their business by visualizing how their company serves its customers, what value propositions are offered through what channels, and how their company makes money.