Reserving Space in the LEC

Looking to book a room in the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center?

The UWM-LEC is a hub for experimentation, research and innovation, and prides itself on an accessible resource for UWM and the broader community. As such campus groups and community partners are welcome to reserve rooms for programming and events and are encouraged to collaborate with Entrepreneurship Center staff on workshops and joint programming.

Our building, the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center & UWM Welcome Center, has a number of flexible spaces suitable for events, workshops and classes. The Center also has a number of shared open spaces that are frequently used by students and staff throughout the year.

What kinds of spaces doe the LEC offer?

The LEC has a variety of flexible spaces that are easily customizable to suit your needs. You can find an overview of the spaces available HERE. Most of our spaces hold a maximum of 32 people, but our larger spaces on the first floor are able to hold (depending on the event layout) up to 100 people each. Some of our smaller spaces are capped at 20 people or less.

You can find a diagram of LEC space below to get an idea of each room. Please note the diagram is not to scale (click to enlarge).

How are room reservations managed?

Our spaces are leased on a first-come-first-served basis. Please place your room request with as much advanced notice as possible as spaces cannot be guaranteed as available. Once you submit your request using the form below, an LEC Team member will follow-up with you directly to confirm space is available and to go over your event’s logistics with you.

LEC Sponsor: 

For certain groups we require an LEC sponsor be secured for your event. Please review the 2024 LEC Sponsor Role Clarification before you make your reservation request. For additional information on LEC sponsors and their role, please contact the LEC Operations Manager.

I booked a space in the LEC, what do I need to know?

The LEC sees itself on being a shared resource for campus and the community. As such we cultivate a sese of shared stewardship and ownership of the spaces we have to offer. The LEC does not provide event support as standard and emphasizes a self-service model where groups must setup their space(s) for their events and return the room(s) used to the original configuration after their event concludes. The LEC is a place where anyone is welcome, and where everyone makes an impact. Take the initiative to keep the space in pristine condition (if you see something, say something), and encourage others to do so as well, so that the people who use this space for years to come may enjoy it as you have.

LEC Guidelines of User Conduct:

The LEC prides itself on being an open resource to campus and expects everyone to help keep it clean. Thank you for your help so that we may not have to charge fees/limit your access to the building.

  1. Leave the space as you found it; push chairs in, place tables & supplies back in their original location.
  2. The furniture is movable; you may set the room as needed; you must reset the room exactly as you found it. Pro-tip: take a photo of a room before you set it, then reset it to look the same as the photo.
  3. If you make a mess (crumbs, paper bits, spills, marks on the table, etc.), clean it up. The LEC is a lean team and does not have a staff to clean up after your group. Please take the initiative to clean up.
  4. Event trash bins are in the back-service stairwell (floor 1), use these bins for food any waste.
  5. The floor 1 back-storage room has cleaning supplies. If you need help accessing the supplies, ask a LEC staff member.
  6. Extra tables and chairs are in storage, room 101. Put back any furniture used when you are finished.
  7. The UWM Welcome Center is separate from the LEC, please do not use their space.

What is the cost to book a space?

The LEC is free to reserve for all UWM- and most UWM-affiliated groups. For external community partners, please contact a member of the LEC team directly as pricing depends on the scope of your event.