Everyday Resilience: Well-Being Through Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Well Entrepreneur and Growing Minds

Resilience is our innate ability to move through and adapt to challenges in a healthy way. This series will explore how the neuroscience and principles and practices of mindfulness and self-compassion can serve as accessible tools to cultivate sustainable well-being and deepen a sense of purpose in your daily life and work. Investing your time in series will support you in learning to lead from a place of intention, using your attention to navigate difficulties and embrace joy. 

Participants are welcome to sign up for an individual session or the full series, and need only to attend the morning or evening sessions. Participation at each of the three sessions is encouraged but not necessary.  


The Lubar Entrepreneurship Center is pleased to partner with Susan Lubar and Growing Minds on this project.  

Growing Minds has been a pioneer in Southeastern Wisconsin in the area of mental and emotional health as a teachable skill for overall well-being. Founded with the hypothesis that with two minutes every day, educators, students and others, can learn to manage their nervous system, and then set intentions for who they want to be or grow into. Expanding beyond the moment, the compound value of this daily practice could keep well-being at the forefront of one’s mind and naturally grow calmer and more purposeful teams of people. To meet this end, Growing Minds uses short, research-based practices that train the mind to be more grounded and less reactive. These skills build the foundation for more compassionate relationships where individuals have greater opportunities to thrive, no matter their circumstances.