Pop-Ups are collaborative and engaging workshops led by students, faculty, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Pop-Ups foster community within UWM as well as engage the Milwaukee innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Fresh Ideas Campaign

One goal of LEC is that all UWM students can experience entrepreneurship as part of their journey at UWM. To do that, LEC created the Fresh Ideas Campaign to reach as many students as possible – and early in their educational experience. Through an annual contest in the Fall, we challenge students to think outside of the box. Pop-Up classes are part of that program, offering students a series of fast-paced, interactive design thinking workshops that expands their entrepreneurial thinking.

Learn by Doing

Focusing on innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, and creativity, Pop-Up workshops are a flexible delivery format that can be adapted to different settings, instructors, and topics. They are delivered in existing classes, at student organization meetings, and on specially scheduled topics. Through LEC coordination, these workshops can be delivered by faculty, staff, and students, as well as business leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts.

Fresh Ideas - 2018

Innovative self-directed coffee machine, equipped with ample coffee options as well as quick pick-up. Tanner Van Dera

Fresh Ideas - 2018

Tongue scanner that finds your perfect coffee recipe. Catherine Elsbernd

Fresh Ideas - 2018

Changing the coffee atmosphere by bringing the bean farming to the shop. Jack Carlson