Pop-Ups are collaborative and engaging workshops led by students, faculty, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Pop Ups foster community within UWM as well as engage the Milwaukee innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What are Pop Ups?

Pop Ups are collaborative and engaging workshops that aim to bring entrepreneurial thinking to UW- Milwaukee. Pop Ups cover an array of topics including: design thinking, business etiquette, and elevator pitching.These workshops can be customized to your courses needs and learning objectives. The LEC team works with you to create content is best fit to their needs and that students walk away with newfound entrepreneurial skills.


Focusing on innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, and creativity, Pop Up workshops are a flexible delivery format that can be adapted. They are delivered in existing classes, at student organization meetings, and for special events. Pop Ups can be held in-person or virtually depending on the needs of the group. The LEC can cover an array of topics including elevator pitching, business etiquette, and more.

Interested in Hosting a Pop Up?

  1. Explore the list of Pop Up topics
  2. Contact the LEC staff
  3. LEC staff will create a Pop Up that will fit your needs
  4. LEC staff will come to your class – virtual or in-person
  5. LEC staff delivers an engaging experience for you group