Diverse Ideas is a talk series that highlights global and local entrepreneurs from different communities. Students are invited to meet with like minded people to be inspired, ask questions, and network.

Bringing Milwaukee Innovators to UWM

Every month, the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center invites a local entrepreneur or community innovator for an intimate chat with UWM students, faculty, and staff. By offering these talks, LEC hopes to build a larger and more diverse network of students involved in entrepreneurship, including one that spans across disciplines and majors.

Join us for Diverse Ideas, a talk series featuring entrepreneurs and social innovators from Cameroon to Milwaukee. LEC invites social advocates from around the world to discuss the ways they choose to help their community. Speakers share their stories and give advice in an open-forum conversation with attendees. Learn with us how to improve our community and work together to problem-solve.

The Lubar Entrepreneurship Center is a proud member of the UWM Multicultural Network. Diverse Ideas is presented in partnership with the UWM Multicultural Network and the following organizations:

Institute of World Affairs                 


Previous Diverse Ideas Speakers:

Eddie Avila is the Director of Rising Voices. “Rising Voices, the outreach initiative of Global Voices, aims to help bring new voices from new communities and speaking endangered or indigenous languages to the global conversation by providing training, resources, and mentoring to global underrepresented communities that want to tell their own digital story using participatory media tools.” 



Jason Anderson is an Access Specialist and has been with the UWM Accessibility Resource Center since 2012. His relationship to disability has been a personal one. He grew up hard-of-hearing and became deaf as an adult. His relationship with deafness, hearing loss, and disability allows him the unique opportunity to see multiple perspectives when working with students and staff. He has two cochlear implants and is proficient in American Sign Language (ASL). Jason believes students with disabilities deserve equal opportunities to succeed.



Issa Nyphaga is an artist, human rights advocate, and Water Rights Resident (2017) at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Issa joined us to discuss his experience being a social entrepreneur, as well as his current projects. Currently he is working to bring solar powered radio stations to Cameroon to provide public education, and to fight prejudice, taboos, domestic violence and other social ills related to lack of information.



Laura Manthe, Oneida Nation tribal member and Oneida White Corn Growers Group Advocate, talked about integrated food systems and how to use capitalistic systems while recognizing the needs of all within a community – with some Native Truth. Laura led an insightful discussion around sustainability, food systems, cultural values, and her success in planting native corn gardens.



Sean Phelan and Jesús González are Co-Founders and Developers of the Zócalo Food Park in Walker’s Point. The co-founders joined us to discuss creating a home for food entrepreneurs, cultivating partnerships with them, and creating an ecosystem that harvests community.