• Unless a restriction is stated in the Schedule of Classes, undergraduates may repeat a course only once. We recommend talking to your advisor before registering for a class you previously completed so that you understand all of the implications of repeating a class:
  • If you are repeating a class that you took at UWM, only the higher of the two grades will be calculated into the student’s UWM grade point average (GPA) but both attempts will appear on the transcript.
  • If you are repeating a class that you took elsewhere and transferred into UWM, the grade you earn will be calculated into your UWM GPA regardless if it is higher or lower than the grade previously earned. And both attempts will appear on the transcript.
  • If you have already graduated and would like to return to UWM to repeat a class previously taken, you are starting a new academic record. Your record prior to graduation including the grade earned and your GPA are locked and cannot be altered. Taking the same class again does not count as a repeat and will not replace the grade previously earned.
  • Repeats cannot occur in the same semester even if the class is offered again later in the semester. For example, a student cannot take a class that meets during the first part of summer term and then attempt to repeat it during the second part of summer term.
  • Variable topic courses count as repeats only when the topic is identical. For example, taking “WGS 303 Feminist Activism and Movements: Indigenous Feminisms” and then repeating ““WGS 303 Feminist Activism and Movements: Indigenous Feminisms” counts as a repeat. Taking “Italian 145 Views of Italy: Italians and the Mafia” and then taking “Italian 145 Views of Italy: Multi-Racial Italy Today” does not count as a repeat.

Exceptions to the one-repeat rule

  • If you already repeated a course prior to 1988, you may attempt one additional repeat.
  • Transfer students who repeated a course at another university can attempt one additional repeat at UWM.
  • Students can request permission to attempt a second repeat:
    • If the course you wish to repeat a second time is from the Lubar College of Business, contact the Lubar College advising office. See an advisor in Lubar N297, call (414) 229-5271 or email uwmbba@uwm.edu
    • If the course you wish to repeat a second time is in the College of Letters & Science, use the chart below to identify who to contact. (Third repeats of Communication and Math classes may be considered. See chart below for information.)
    • If the course you wish to repeat a second time is not in the Lubar College of Business or the College of Letters & Science (all other courses), contact your advisor or the advising office for your school or college.

Financial Aid impact when exceptions are made

If you receive permission to enroll in a second repeat and you have already passed the class once, your eligibility for federal financial aid will change. For example, if you took a class and received an “F”, repeated it and received a “D”, and would like to repeat it again to try to earn a “C”, your financial aid may be impacted. Consult a financial aid advisor to determine how your financial aid package may have to be reduced.

Who to contact to request a second repeat of a Letters & Science course

Department/ProgramCoursesContact NameContact PhoneContact Email / Web
African & African Diaspora Studies All Kent Redding kredding@uwm.edu
Ancient and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (includes Arabic, Chinese, Classics, German, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Polish, Russian) All Andrew Porter (414) 229-5654portera@uwm.edu
American Indian Studies All Mark Freelandfreelanm@uwm.edu
Anthropology All Thomas Malaby (414) 229-5247malaby@uwm.edu
Art History All Tanya Tiffany tanyatif@uwm.edu
Biological Sciences All Visit Office in Lapham #S181 (414) 229-4214biosci@uwm.edu
Comparative Ethnic Studies (includes Hmong Studies) All Joe Walzer jbwalzer@uwm.edu
Chemistry & BiochemistryAll Visit Office in Chemistry 114 (414) 229-4411chem-info@uwm.edu
Communication COMMUN 101, 103, and 105If you wish to repeat a second time, contact your advisor. If you are requesting a third repeat or beyond, contact the communication department’s Undergraduate Program Director Professor Leslie Harris.https://paws.uwm.edu/signin.html to find your advisor


Communication All other courses Visit Communication office in Johnston 210(414) 229-4264commdept@uwm.edu
Conservation and Environmental Sciences All Chris Young young3@uwm.edu
Economics All Kundan Kishor kishor@uwm.edu
English ENGLISH 100, 101 and 102Nita McDaniel nita@uwm.edu
English All other courses Michael Newman mznewman@uwm.edu
Film Studies All Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece szczepan@uwm.edu  
Geography All Zengwang Xu xuz@uwm.edu  
Geosciences All (414) 229-4561 geosci-staff@uwm.edu
Global Studies (includes Comparative Literature, French, Italian) All Kristin Pitt kepitt@uwm.edu 
History All (414) 229-4316 history@uwm.edu 
Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies All (414) 229-4436 jams-email@uwm.edu 
Linguistics All Anne Pycha pycha@uwm.edu  
MathAllIf you wish to repeat a second time, contact your advisor. If you are requesting a third repeat or beyond, contact the math department.https://paws.uwm.edu/signin.html to find your advisor


Philosophy All Joshua Spencer spence48@uwm.edu  
Physics All Complete PDF Form and then email it to physics-ugadvisor@uwm.eduPDF Form
Political Science All Sara Pashak sbenesh@uwm.edu  
PsychologyAll Complete required Form.Psychology Form
Public and Nonprofit Administration All Doug Irhke (414) 229-4732 dihrke@uwm.edu
Sociology All sociology@uwm.edu 
Spanish & PortugueseSPANISH 103, 104, 203 and 204Visit Office in Curtin 733 (414) 229-4257 libbey@uwm.edu 
Spanish & Portuguese300 to 500 level Visit Office in Curtin 733 (414) 229-4257 schessma@uwm.edu 
Spanish & PortugueseAll other courses Visit Office in Curtin 733 (414) 229-4257 wheatley@uwm.edu 
Translation and Interpreting All mallt-program@uwm.edu 
Urban Studies All Joel Rast (414) 229-4751 jrast@uwm.edu 
Women’s and Gender Studies All Xin Huang huang32@uwm.edu