Regardless of the major you choose, all L&S students must complete different sets of requirements as part of the 120 credits it takes to earn a degree. Requirements differ between the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts degrees. There are requirements for the major, UWM general education requirements (often referred to as GER), and College of Letters & Science breadth requirements. Some classes can count in more than one category – another reason why consulting with your advisor is valuable since they can help you identify these double-counting classes.

Students follow the degree requirements in place at the time they took their first college course for credit (whether at UWM or elsewhere). The requirements below are for student who took their first college class after August 15, 2013. If you began college earlier than that, contact your advisor for information about how your requirements may be different.

Overview of Bachelor of Arts requirements

Overview of Bachelor of Science requirements

Overview of Bachelor of Arts General Letters requirements