Placement Information

Math Placement

Any of the following can be used to determine math level: 

  • ACT/SAT score 
  • Prior college credit in math coursework 
  • AP or IB math scores 
  • Completion of the ALEKS placement test 

English Placement

Any of the following can be used to determine English level: 

  • ACT/SAT score 
  • Prior college credit in English coursework 
  • AP or IB math scores 
  • Completion of the Guided English Placement online tool 

Chemistry Placement 

Students registering for Chemistry 102 or 104 will take a placement test during the first week of class to ensure they have the requisite background knowledge to succeed in the course. Depending on the placement test results, students may need to adjust their schedule, moving up or down to a higher or lower level class. 

French, German or Spanish Language Placement

Other Languages Placement

(Ancient Greek, Anishinaabe, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hmong, Irish Gaelic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Russian) 

What does it mean to take a course for credit / no credit?

Students may enroll in a course on a credit / no credit (C/NC) basis with the following restrictions. Instead of receiving a grade, the student’s transcript will reflect C or NC.

  • The course may not be in your major, minor or certificate program.
  • The course may not be part of the Honors College.
  • The course may not be taken to complete the English and/or mathematics requirements.

To be granted credit (“C”) a student must earn the equivalent of “C-” grade or better based on class performance. The credits will be counted toward the total needed for the degree but will have no impact on GPA. Only one course per semester up to a maximum of eight courses total may be taken on a credit / no credit basis.

How many credits can I or should I take in a semester?

A student is considered full-time if they take 12 or more credits in a regular semester (Fall or Spring). However in order to reach 120 credits in four years, freshmen entering UWM with no other college credit must take at least 15 credits per semester.

The decision about how many credits to take at a time is a very personal decision and needs to consider other work or family responsibilities, goals for completion time, finances and other individual circumstances.

The maximum credit load for undergraduates is 18 credits in a fall or spring semester and 3 credits in UWinteriM. The maximum for summer is determined by the length of the session. For example, a student may only take 4 credits in a four-week session or 9 credits in an 8-week session. A student must obtain approval from their advisor to exceed these limits. See our overload policy.

Can I take classes at UWM and another college or university at the same time?

Attending more than one college at the same time is called concurrent enrollment. Students must request permission for concurrent enrollment in fall or spring. Permission is not required for summer or winter sessions. See our concurrent enrollment policy for more information on requesting permission for concurrent enrollment.  

Do you offer credits for life experience?

We do not offer credits for life experience.

Do you offer retroactive credits?

Retroactive credits are only available in world languages. Students can take a placement test to try to skip ahead beyond the first-semester of a world language. Students must take that higher level course and, if a grade of B or better is earned, credit will be granted for the courses that were skipped over up to a maximum of 14 to 16 credits (depending on the language).

Requests for Language Retro Credits can be made after the grade has been posted in PAWS.

What is my class standing?

The number of credits completed determines your class standing:

  • Freshmen (0-23 credits)
  • Sophomore (24-55 credits)
  • Junior (56-87 credits)
  • Senior (88+ credits)