L&S students have access to multiple advisors during their college career.

L&S/College Advisor

Your college/L&S advisor will help you:

  • refine your overall academic and career goals
  • understand required courses needed to satisfy requirements for any minors, majors, certificates and for the overall degree
  • identify what is needed to complete your requirements and complete a short- and long-term plan to do so
  • select appropriate classes for your next semester
  • provide referrals to campus services as needed such as tutoring, health and wellness, financial aid, and more.

Fully online students receive the same college advising services via phone or video appointments.

Students who indicate an interest in a pre-professional program (e.g. pre-med, pre-physician assistant, pre-law, pre-dental, etc.) will also receive an L&S/College advisor even if their major is outside of L&S. This specialty advisor provides guidance on how to prepare to become a competitive applicant to the graduate program needed after college to enter one of those professions. In addition to academic guidance, the pre-professional advisor informs students about hands-on, experiential opportunities needed to be a competitive graduate school applicant.

Program/Faculty Advisor

Once a student declares a major, minor or certificate they also receive an advisor – typically a faculty member – from that program. The program advisor’s role is to help you:

  • understand required courses for that program
  • identify experiential learning opportunities related to the program such as research projects, internships, or job opportunities
  • refine career goals
  • recommend electives in the program that match your career goals

Students should meet with their advisor(s) at least once per semester!

Find Your College (L&S) Advisor 

  1. Find your advisor’s name in the lower, right-hand area.
  2. Contact your advisor. We recommend using the Navigate360 portal where you can see in real time the available appointments and schedule yourself into an opening. Alternatively, call 414-229-4654 or e-mail your advisor directly.