May 4, 2015 – PantherVision

Budget concerns top the agenda as student government leaders from across the state gather at UWM. We’ll let you know what the Chancellor and some Board of Regents members had to say. Also, worries about a recent string of crimes near campus, a new app that allows you to plug your parking meter while in class, and some students are dancing their way through final exams. All that and more in our final newscast of the semester.

Anchors: Rachel Maidl & Tanner Bakkala
Executive Producers: Eliana Moreno & Michael Atteberry
Director: Dan Fischer

April 20, 2015 – PantherVision

UWM has a new student government. We’ll tell you who won the election, and take you back on the campaign trail. We’ll also tell you what those cardboard boxes on Spaights Plaza were all about, take you on a safe walk home, and show you how basketball can be much more than just a sport. All that, plus word of a track star quitting the team, in this week’s edition of UWM PantherVision.

Anchors: Alexander Shun & Helen Koth
Executive Producers: Cole Stevenson & Andrew McCann
Director: Hugh Gallagher

April 13, 2015 – PantherVision

Elation to anticipation to dejection, all in the span of 48 hours. We have complete coverage of the national championship run that captivated Wisconsin sports fans. We also have the latest on the budget battle, as UWM becomes the latest to offer faculty buyouts, and UW Oshkosh cuts sports programs. All that and more in this week’s edition of UWM PantherVision.

Anchors: Tyler Krueger & Eliana Moreno
Executive Producers: Mike Holloway & Emily Topczewski
Director: Pearce Robert

March 30, 2015 – PantherVision

UW System President Ray Cross comes under fire at a budget forum, the Badgers sharpshoot their way into the final four, and we’ll show you how to kick your way to some extra college credit. That and more in this week’s edition of UWM PantherVision.

Anchors: Alexander Shun & Jared Harrington
Executive Producers: Eliana Moreno & Maggie Wuesthoff
Director: David Castor

March 16, 2015 – PantherVision

As Madison police bust a big stolen bike ring, we’ll tell you how you can beat the thieves. Also, you better be an early riser next semester if you want to get a free parking space, a little patch of woods becomes a big issue, and triple jumping into the record books. All that, plus a look at what the Simpsons have to do with engineering, in this week’s edition of UWM PantherVision.

Anchors: Emily Topczewski & Thomas Kelly
Executive Producers: DaMonique Harris & Cole Stevenson
Director: Jeremy Bohn

March 9, 2015 – PantherVision

A proposed $300,000,000 budget cut to UW System is sending shock waves from Milwaukee to Madison and beyond. We have in-depth coverage of the protests and the issues. Also, the Panthers take on a big league opponent, and Shark Tank comes to UWM. That and more in our first newscast of the semester.

Anchors: Helen Koth & Evan Vogel
Executive Producer: Emily Topczewski
Director: Trever Siegman