There’s still time to study French, Italian, or Comparative Literature this summer!

What are your summer plans? For the first time in a while, the Department of French, Italian, and Comparative Literature is pleased to be offering courses in all three subject areas over the summer! You can complete two semesters of language study in one summer with Intensive French 113 and French 114 or Italian 103 and Italian 104, or explore international culture in a number of different courses:
French 145: Views of France: French Culture through Cuisine;
Italian 145: Views of Italy: Italians and the Mafia;
CompLit 135: Experiencing Literature in the 21st Century: Youth Culture in the Middle East through Literature, Art and Film; and
CompLit 230: Literature and Society: European Comics & Graphic Novels

See the full summer course schedule here and read course descriptions of the Comparative Literature courses here!