Fahavalo, Madagascar 1947

Fahavalo, Madagascar 1947 Saturday 22 February 2020 Screening The little known story of a post WWII insurrection by the indigenous population of Madagascar becomes a multi-faceted walk through history in this film that is both ethnographic documentary and chronicle of… Read more

Festival of Films in French (February 14-23 2020)

Come one, come all to our 23rd Annual Festival of Films in French. Love and rebellion are in the air at this year’s festival! We start off by celebrating Valentine’s Day with two powerful love stories: Portrait of a Lady on… Read more

Study Abroad in Roma!

Italy: Summer in Rome – Language, Civilization and Culture (Faculty-led) Earn 6 university credits in Rome, the eternal city, this summer with UWM and ACCENT! Immerse yourself in experiential learning, exploring emblematic Roman monuments, cathedrals, museums, neighborhoods and galleries in… Read more

Polyglot MKE: February 5, 5:30-6:30pm

The second pop-up meeting of Polyglot MKE is this Wednesday, 2/5, 5:30-6:30pm in CRT 766, with micro-lessons in Korean and Serbian. If you speak more than two languages, or would like to in the future, stop by! Check the Facebook here.