Margaret Cody

Margaret Cody


My name is Margaret Cody, but you can call me Maggie. I am a Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies student emphasizing in Journalism and minoring in psychology. I am a senior set to graduate in May 2023. WOOHOO!

Storytelling has been such an important part of my life and I want to translate that into my career. I think there is so much power behind sharing a variety of experiences with people. Whether it is humorous, emotional, informational, etc., I think that understanding different backgrounds that people are coming from is paramount to coexisting and harmony.

I am proud to be a host and part of this Panther Planet Podcast team. I hope you enjoy our projects. We are a new podcasting team figuring out how to put projects like this together. It is very rewarding and interesting to see how it all comes together.