Ellen Benson

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My name is Ellen Benson. I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My major is International Studies: International Economics and Development, and I am minoring in Sociology. One of my favorite parts of my college experience was studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain in the fall of 2021. I had a fun time exploring Spanish culture, as well as traveling to fun places such as Ireland, Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Morocco!

Originally, I am from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. Some of my hobbies include weightlifting, traveling, being outdoors, and spending time with my friends and family. My biggest flex for the gym rats out there is that I can bench 135 lbs. and deadlift 260 lbs. conventional. Another fun fact about me is that my dad is a scuba diving instructor, so I have had several opportunities to travel with my family and scuba dive; no, I haven’t found Nemo, but I have seen some cool creatures such as sharks, rays, and sea turtles!

I love being a part of the Panther Planet Podcast team because it is such a memorable experience seeing this project take off, plus I am really enjoying diving deeper into these topics with the other team members.

Contact me! Bensonellen42@gmail.com