Congratulations to Tracy Plock, recipient of the 2017 RASCL Scholarship!

The Program in Comparative Literature congratulates Tracy Plock, this year’s recipient of the Roy Arthur Swanson Merit Scholarship in Comparative Literature. A double major in Comparative Literature and English, Tracy shares why her work in Comparative Literature is so important to her:

“Comparative Literature gives its students the ability to expand their literature, theory and contextual horizons while encompassing an intersectional, multicultural and multilingual purview. It has personally enabled me as a student in the UWM Comparative Literature program to gain access to works, ideas and perspectives that I never realized were available.

Through Comparative Literature, I have learned that the broader your academic lens, the more rewarding your studies will be. I have also expanded my studies to include genres of film, theatre, theoretical and other works of art that enrich my life culturally, as well as, academically.

After leaving UWM I hope to provide the same opportunities to people in my community through the vast amount of resources local libraries have to offer. I intend to pursue a masters in Library Science and give back to the community. I hope that my experience with the UWM Comparative Literature program will give me the skills to find culturally diverse materials that would enrich the lives of those around me and in my field.”

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Tracy. You make us proud!