COMPLIT 464 approved for university OWC-B GER

We’re pleased to announce that Comparative Literature 464 has been approved to satisfy the Oral and Written Communication B (OWC-B) GER requirement. If you need to satisfy this requirement, consider adding the course to your schedule for spring!

Seminar in Comparative Literary Criticism: Approaches to the Body
Prof. Kristin Pitt
3cr, U/G, TR 3:30-4:45pm
This seminar will examine a variety of critical and theoretical approaches to the human body that have challenged traditional Western understandings of the body as inert, obvious, or undeserving of attention when compared to the human mind. How do the ways in which we write about and represent the body shape what we think about it and even what we are able to perceive? How do we construct the body through text, and how have these constructions been contested through literature and theory? Students will read scholarly work examining the body through a variety of lenses, including gender, race, sexuality, disability, technology, and medical and legal discourses, along with literary works that complement the critical and theoretical texts. Affiliated with Women’s and Gender Studies. Satisfies OWC-B GER. Open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students.