Christopher Santos

Hello!!!! My name is Cristopher Santos, and I am a sophomore at UWM (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) majoring in communications. As a Caribbean boy from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico I love music and dancing as well as food and drink. Swimming is also very important for me as is reading a good book next to the ocean. Leaving my home country, I discovered that I have an affinity for cultures and all that they encompass. From their foods, music, philosophy, language, and history. All things that make them who they are. Things that allow you to investigate their stories.

So, it should not come as a surprise that I am extremely excited to be part of Panter Planet and get to indulge my curiosity and learn and discuss anything and everything about the world. Get to have fun conversations with interesting and well-rounded people

I hope that by working on this wonderful project, the panther planet podcast, I will get to improve my media, management, and research skills as well as anything else that comes my way while exploring a world of topics with our listeners.