I am Ava, a current third year student studying Journalism and Spanish. I record, edit, and write content for the podcast and socials. In my free time, you can find me reading in the sunshine, grabbing a coffee with friends, exploring a new city, hiking, or loving on my three younger siblings.

I’ve been able to practice my Spanish in on the US-Mexico border, in the Dominican Republic, and here in Milwaukee. I’ve always been interested in traveling and how different cultures celebrate their history and traditions through art, language, and food.

After volunteering to go on my hometown’s Public Library radio, I found myself enthusiastic about podcasting. I loved the equipment, the conversation, and the process. I started a podcast of my own called Keeping It Pure, an interview series dedicated to dialogue with depth, three years ago. I was drawn to Panther Planet because of the opportunity to improve my editing, recording, writing, and communication skills. I’m enthusiastic to work alongside my teammates and the opportunity to create content while preparing for a potential career. I plan to use my journalism skills of seeking objective truth, sifting through large working documents of information, and purposeful, concise writing wherever I find myself. I believe that this project can aid me in that discovery.

I want to bring our own research, passion and exploration about our world to listeners wherever they find themselves: at home, in a dorm, or on the go.

Contact and Business Inquiries: avaladky@gmail.com