News and Events


  • Book of the Year / Buch des Jahres! (4/25/2018) - Join us in reading and discussing Wolfgang Herrndorf’s best-selling road-novel Tschick! Start reading now, and look out for exciting book-related events and activities next Fall and Spring semesters! German and English language readers welcome!
  • Alum Misty Voss Studies Abroad in Hessen (11/7/2017) - Read about UWM German alum Misty Voss and the amazing award that is allowing her to spend a year in Germany. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Misty!
  • Congratulations to Melanie Smith! (10/17/2017) - Congratulations to Melanie Smith (German & Linguistics) for winning a SURF Award from the Office of Undergraduate Research to support her work with Professor Garry Davis.
  • Kaffeepause (9/8/2017) - You are welcome to attend Kaffeepause, 1-2 pm in Curtin Hall 187. We are scheduled to meet on the following Tuesdays: September 19th; October 3rd, 17th and 31st; November 14th; December 5th.
  • Welcome Dr. Karolina May-Chu! (9/7/2017) - Please join us in welcoming Dr. Karolina May-Chu as Assistant Professor to the UWM German Program! Learn more about her in the August 2017 issue of the College of Letters & Science's In Focus online magazine. InFocus article »
  • Filmabende (6/9/2017) - Join us once a month during the semester for our Film Series. We screen both contemporary films and classics.
  • Music, Race, and American Culture in Weimar Germany (5/1/2017) - Associate Professor Jonathan Wipplinger’s monograph "The Jazz Republic: Music, Race, and American Culture in Weimar Germany" was just published by the University of Michigan Press. The Jazz Republic examines jazz music and the jazz artists who shaped Germany’s exposure to this African American art form from 1919 through 1933.
  • Derek Schaefer: Visiting Assistant Professor (9/4/2016) - Welcome Dr. Derek Schaefer to the UWM German language program. Dr. Schaefer's research interests include East German Literature, Contemporary German Literature, and Transnationalism and Migrant Literature.


  • Filmabende – The Baader Meinhof Complex - Wednesday, November 29 at 6:30PM in Curtin Hall 175
    "This film provides a look at Germany’s terrorist group, The Red Army Faction (RAF), which organized bombings, robberies, kidnappings, and assassinations in the late 1960s and ‘70s."
  • Stammtisch - Practice your German with the UWM German Club every Wednesday (except during Filmabende) at the Student Union Gasthaus, 6-8 pm.
  • Studying, Living, Working In Germany - April 6, 2017
    This is an information session on studying, living, and working in Germany. It will feature UWM German faculty, members of UWM's study abroad office, as well as student's who've already been abroad. 4-6:00pm, Curtin 866
  • Germany Meets the US – Lecture - November 20, 2016, 4-6 pm
    Curtin Hall 175
    The Future is Unwritten: (Re)defining Blackness in Black German Poetry Join us for a Guest Lecture by Professor Priscilla Layne of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • Germany Meets the US – Panel - Join us for Panel on German-American History on Nov 13, 2016, 4-6pm in Curtin Hall 175. Panelists: Antje Petty, H. Glenn Penny, and Mark Louden.