Major Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for the German major. In addition to the requirements for the major, students must also satisfy all of the university general education requirements and the College of Letters & Science breadth and other degree requirements. Degree requirements will vary depending on when you took your first college class. You are strongly advised to consult your advisor to ensure you stay on track towards a degree. Read more about the degree requirements on the L&S Degree Requirements web pages.

German 4-Year Course Schedule


Total German Credits

30 credits

Required Courses (12 credits)
  • German 331 - Intermediate German Grammar and Usage, 3 credits
  • German 332 - Intermediate Conversation and Composition, 3 credits
  • German 333 - Analysis of German Texts, 3 credits
  • German 334 - Introduction to German Literature and Culture, 3 credits
Electives (18 credits)

Four additional courses on the 300- to 500-level (that are taught in German)

Two courses on the 600-level

L&S Research Requirement

The College requires students to complete a research experience in their major. Students fulfill this requirement in the context of the following courses:

  • German 488 - Topics in German Philology: (Subtitle), 3 credits
  • German 525 - Seminar in Advanced German Translation, 3 credits
  • German 641 - Seminar on the Intellectual Tradition in German Literature and Thought: (Subtitle), 3 credits
  • German 643 - Seminar on Genre Studies: (Subtitle), 3 credits
  • German 645 - Seminar on Representative German Authors: (Subtitle), 3 credits
  • German 647 - Seminar on Themes and Motifs in German Literature: (Subtitle), 3 credits
  • German 649 - Seminar on Theoretical Approaches to German Literature: (Subtitle), 3 credits
  • German 651 - Seminar on Contemporary German Literature: 1965 to the Present, 3 credits
  • German 671 - Seminar on Phonetics, 3 credits
  • German 672 - German for Professional Purposes, 3 credits
  • German 681 - Seminar on the History and Structure of German, 3 credits

Additional Requirement

All majors are required to take an advanced language proficiency exam, normally during the semester in which they complete their major requirements.

Additional Information

Students are encouraged strongly to take at least 6 additional credits in related courses outside the program as recommended by their advisor. Majors must register with the program at the beginning of their candidacy.

GPA Requirements

The College requires that students attain at least a 2.000 GPA on all credits in the major, including any transfer work.