What Our Students Say

Randi Schmidt (2017)

Randi Schmidt

“I came to UWM not knowing what to expect, and I was extremely, pleasantly surprised by how knowledgeable, helpful, kind and fun the German Department faculty was. I learned an incredible amount in four years about topics ranging from German film to history, literature and HipHop. I can’t describe in only a few sentences how much of an impact the German faculty at UWM made on my life, but I can say I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had to study under such knowledgeable and helpful instructors.”

Misty Voss (BA, 2017)

“I feel extremely fortunate to have been a student in the German Department at UWM. The German department professors have consistently helped me out every step of the way, through setting up independent internships, holding information sessions on study abroad/alternatives for going abroad, along with introducing me to Delta Phi Alpha (National German Honor Society). I applaud the German Professors for their continuous involvement, hard work, support and dedication within the German Department.”

Andrea Greuel (MA, 2017)

“The MALLT Program, and the German Program in particular, provided me with the chance to reconnect with my first language and to grow and develop not only my vocabulary, but also my grammar and writing. As a side benefit, the courses offered also exposed me to German history, literature, poetry and music in a way I had not expected. I came away from this program with so much more than competency in the German language; I developed a deeper understanding of the culture of Germany and for that, I am most appreciative.”

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