PhD Degrees Awarded

August 2020

Pauls, Kathryn, PhD, (Advisor: John Isbell)
Late Paleozoic climatic reconstruction of western Argentina: glacial extent and deglaciation of southwestern Gondwana

December 2019

Byers, Harris, PhD, (Advisor: Tim Grundl)
Quantifying the variability in heavy metal concentrations in produce grown in metals-rich soil

May 2019

Cordie, David, PhD, (Advisor: Stephen Dornbos)
Incorporation, morphology, and extinction of framework-building metazoans in Early Cambrian reef ecosystems from the Western USA and Mongolia and their effects on reef diversity

Fedorchuk, Nicholas, PhD, (Advisor: John Isbell)
Testing the Late Paleozoic ice volume paradox in the southernmost Paraná Basin, Brazil

May 2017

Karakis, Snejana, PhD, (Advisor: Barry Cameron)
Terroir Studies in Washington and Wisconsin American Viticultural Areas

May 2016

Jennifer Johanson, PhD, (Advisor: Xu)
Transport of Potential Microbial Source Tracking Markers in Sandy Materials

December 2015

Bill Jacobson, PhD, (Advisor: Hooyer, with Czeck & Isbell)
“Field and laboratory study of Flàajökull Glacier, Iceland”

May 2014

Lucia Feriancikova, PhD, (Advisor: Xu)
“Spread of Manure-Derived Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in the Soil-Groundwater system”

May 2013

Lindsey Henry, PhD, (Advisor: Isbell)
“Late Paleozoic glaciation and ice sheet collapse over western and eastern Gondwana: Sedimentology and stratigraphy of glacial to post-glacial strata in western Argentina and Tasmania, Australia”

December 2012

Tristan Kloss, PhD, (Advisor: Dornbos)
“Interpreting the Paleoenvironmental Context of Marine Shales Deposited During the Cambrian Radiation: Global Insights from Sedimentology, Paleoecology, and Geochemistry”

May 2002

Saif Alhakimi, PhD, (Advisor: Lasca)
“The Extent and Boundaries of Extinct Lake Scuppernong, Jefferson County, Southeastern Wisconsin”

May 2001

Douglas Carlson, PhD, (Advisor: Cherkauer)
“Dependence of Conductivities and Anisotrpies on Geologic Properties Within the Near Surface Aquifer in Milwaukee, WI. 2 Volumes”