MS Degrees Awarded

May 2021

Strey, Falyn, MS (Advisor: Dyanna Czeck)
Fluid flow and deformation: exploring the relationships between fluid flow, deformation mechanisms, quartz crystallographic preferred orientation fabric development, and kinematics in the Willard thrust fault, Utah.

December 2020

Carman, Nancy, MS (Advisor: Dyanna Czeck)
Analyzing Strain Localization, Kinematic Partitioning and Fluid Flow in the Pulo Do Lobo Metasedimentary Rocks Along the Southern Iberian Shear Zone, Andalucia, Spain.

Fearn, Sebastian, MS (Advisor: Julie Bowles)
Evaluating Hydration and Artificial Aging Effects on the Paleointensity in Natural Glass

Ludyan, Jordan, MS (Advisor: Lindsay McHenry)
Surface Alteration in the Ölkelduháls, Nesjavellir, and Geysir Hydrothermal Systems, Iceland: Implications for Mars

Malone, John (Jack), MS (Advisor: John Isbell)
Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, and High-Precision U-Pb Age Constraints on the Late Paleozoic Ansilta Formation, Calingasta-Uspallata Basin, NW Argentina

August 2020

Matzuk, Ryan, MS, (Advisor: Tim Grundl)
Water Chemistry and Lake Dynamics of Laguna Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico

May 2020

Bychinski, Leslie, MS, (Advisor: Shangping Xu)
Pesticides in urban/suburban water wells in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha counties in Wisconsin

Jung, Ji-In, MS, (Advisor: Julie Bowles)
A Feasibility Study of Microbialites as Paleomagnetic Recorders

Martin, Chad, MS, (Advisor: Dyanna Czeck)
Characterization of water pathways and hydrolytic weakening within naturally deformed quartz grains along the Willard Thrust Fault, Utah

Oanes, Ken, MS, (Advisor: Shangping Xu)
Simulating the effects of urbanization and climate change on ground water recharging using the USGS precipitation and runoff modelling system (PRMS)

December 2019

Plank, Evvan, MS, (Advisor: Shangping Xu)
The Dynamics and Speciation of Arsenic in Drinking Water Wells in Eastern Wisconsin

August 2019

McNall, Natalie, MS, (Advisor: John Isbell)
Sedimentological and geochemical analysis of deep-water deposits in the Mojón de Hierro Formation at Arroyo Garrido, Tepuel-Genoa Basin, Patagonia, Argentina

May 2019

Salo, Madeline, MS, (Advisor: Tim Grundl)
Anthropogenically driven changes to shallow groundwater in Southeastern Wisconsin and its effects on the aquifer microbial communities

December 2018

Thalhamer, Ernest, MS, (Advisor: Dyanna Czeck)
Analyzing ductile shear zone network geometries in the Grassy Portage Sill, Rainy Lake region, Northwestern Ontario, Canada

August 2018

Glenister, Chase, MS, (Advisor: Lindsay McHenry)
The Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Surface Hydrothermal Alteration at Nesjavellir, SW Iceland

May 2018

Borucki, Elizabeth, MS, (Advisor: Julie Bowles)
Depositionally-Induced Magnetic Frequency Variations of a Sandstone Facies of the Copper Harbor Conglomerate from the North American, Mid-Continent Rift at Union Bay, Michigan

Bulson, Erin, MS, (Advisor: Erik Gulbranson)
Evaluating Ecohydrological Separation with Geochemical Tracers, δ 2H and δ18O, from Northern California in an Irrigated and Semi-Arid Setting

Gigstad, Kate, MS, (Advisor: Margaret Fraiser)
Invertebrate Paleoecology of High Paleo-Latitude Carboniferous Strata of the Tepuel-Genoa Basin, Argentina

Hassell, Keenan, MS, (Advisor: Steve Dornbos)
Paleobiology and Taphonomy of Exceptionally Preserved Putative Macroalgae from the Ediacaran Zuun-Arts Biota, Zavkhan Province, Mongolia

Stephenson, Sheryl, MS, (Advisor: Dyanna Czeck)
Characterizing the Geochemical Changes across a Strain Gradient in the Beja-Acebuches Metabasites Due to Retrograde Metamorphism and Fluid Flow along the Southern Iberian Shear Zone

Wanta, Andrew, MS, (Advisor: Lindsay McHenry)
Hydrothermal Alteration at Devil’s Kitchen in the Lassen Volcanic National Park: A Mars Analogue

December 2017

Barlow, Megan, MS, (Advisor: Barry Cameron)
Soil-Grapevine Interactions: Insight from Verdicchio in the Marche Wine Region, Italy

May 2017

Amato, James, MS, (Advisors: John Isbell and Julie Bowles)
Using AMS to help interpret glaciogenic deposits of the late Paleozoic Ice Age in the Parana Basin, Brazil.

Joynt, Emily, MS, (Advisors: Weon Shik Han and Tim Grundl)
Factors Controlling Diffusive CO2 Production and Transport in the Cedarburg Bog, Saukville, Wisconsin.

August 2016

Czech, Carrie, MS, (Advisor: John Isbell)
Sedimentology of Pleistocene Outwash and Glaciolacustrine Deposits in East-central Wisconsin

Devin Gerzich, MS, (Advisor: Bowles)
An evaluation of paleomagnetic techniques to determine emplacement temperature of pyroclastic flows at Mount St. Helens

Levi Moxness, MS, (Advisor: Isbell)
Sedimentology of the mid-Carboniferous basal fill of the Olta paleovalley, eastern Paganzo basin, Argentina

Kurt Quamme, MS, (Advisor: Xu)
Point of use biosand filters of the rural Dominican Republic

May 2016

Kyungdoe Han, MS, (Advisor: Han)
A physicochemical prediction of prolonged natural CO2 leakage in the Little Grand Wash Fault Zone, Green River, Utah

December 2015

Ethan Guyant, MS, (Advisor: Han)
“Addressing Potentials Risks and Challenges of CO2 Geologic Sequestration”

August 2015

Jack P. Graham, MS, (Advisor: Han)
“Climate Impact on Groundwater Flow Processes in the Cedar Creek Watershed and Cedarburg Bog”

Jenna Rolle, MS, (Advisor: Fraiser)
“Paleoecological Recovery of Early Triassic Echinoids Following the End-Permian Mass Extinction: A Test of the Habitable Zone Hypothesis with Members of the Modern Fauna”

May 2015

George “Kit” Carson, MS, (Advisor: McHenry)
“Hydrothermal acid-sulfate alteration at Krafla and Námafjall, NE Iceland: Implications for Gusev Crater and Meridiani Planum, Mars.”

Jonah M. Novek, MS, (Advisor: Dornbos)
“Paleoredox geochemistry and bioturbation levels of the exceptionally preserved early Cambrian Indian Springs biota, Poleta Formation, Nevada, USA.”

December 2014

Na-Hyun Jung, MS, (Advisor: Han)
“Fault-controlled advective, diffusive, and eruptive CO2 leakage from natural reservoirs in the Colorado Plateau, East-Central Utah”

Zach T. Watson, MS, (Advisor: Han)
“An analysis of CO2-driven cold-water geysers in Green River, Utah and Chimayo, New Mexico”

August 2014

Steven Greenwood, MS, (Advisor: McHenry)
“Mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry of Pleistocene volcanics at Embagai caldera and Natron Basin, Tanzania: Potential constraints on the stratigraphy of Olduvai Gorge”

May 2014

Jane Block, MS, (Advisor: Czeck)
“The Rice Bay and Northeast Bay Gneiss Domes: A Kinematic Study of Competent Rock Bodies in the Rainy Lake Region of Ontario, Canada”

Justin Calhoun, MS, (Advisor: Czeck)
“Fabric and microstructural analysis of the Loch Borralan pluton, Northwest Highlands Scotland”

Alice Egan, MS, (Advisor: Xu)
“Simulating Recharge in a Wisconsin Watershed: The Effect of Sub Annual Precipitation Patterns”

Nicholas Fedorchuk, MS, (Advisor: Dornbos)
“Testing the Biogenicity of Precambrian Lacustrine Stromatolites From the Copper Harbor Conglomerate Upper Peninsula of Michigan: Implications for the Search for Ancient Life on Mars.”

Kathryn Pauls, MS, (Advisor: Isbell)
“Sedimentology and paleoecology of fossil-bearing, high-latitude glaciogenic deposits in the Tepuel Basin, Patagonia, Argentina”

December 2013

Kimberly Johnson, MS, (Advisor: Czeck)
“Deformation and fluid interactions in the Mineral Fork diamictites, Antelope Island, Utah”

August 2013

Danielle Sieger, MS, (Advisor: Isbell)
“Reexamination of Fluvial Stacking Pattern Changes Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary in the Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica”

Elizabeth Stapleton, MS, (Advisor: Xu)
“Development of Green Solvent Modified Zeolite (GSMZ) for the Removal of Chemical Contaminants from Water”

Anna Thorpe, MS, (Advisor: Grundl)
“Applying Geochemistry to Investigate the Occurance of Riverbank Inducement Into a Shallow Aquifer in Southeastern Wisconsin”

August 2012

Christine E. Barszewski, MS, (Advisor: Czeck)
“Microstructural and Cathodoluminescence (SEM-CL) Analyses of Clasts in a Tectonically Deformed Diamictite from the Willard Thrust, UT”

Carlene E. Polk, MS, (Advisor: Hooyer)
“Testing the Bed-Deformation Hypothesis for Drumlin Formation Using Magnetic Fabrics”

Scott N. Schaefer, MS, (Advisor: Fraiser)
“Distribution of Early Triassic Rhynchonelliform Brachiopods in the Dinwoody Basin of the Western United States: A Test of the Habitable Zone Hypothesis”

May 2012

Nathan C. Magnusson, MS, (Advisor: Grundl)
“Assessing the Affects of Pleistocene Glaciation on the Recharge of the Deep Paleozoic Aquifer of Eastern Wisconsin Using Noble Gases, Radiocarbon Dating, and Geochemical Analysis”

Michael S. Baierlipp, MS, (Advisor: Kean)
“Hydrostratigraphic Images for the Lower Fox Valley, Waukesha, Wisconsin”

December 2011

Amelia Nachbor, MS, (Advisor: Czeck)
“Fluid effects on deformation in the Mineral Fork diamictites, Antelope Island, Utah”

Jolene Traut, MS, (Advisor: Czeck)
“Using Cleavage Refraction, Boudin Shape and Microstructural Evidence to Determine the Relative Rheology of Naturally Deformed Quartzites and Phyllites”

August 2011

Mike DeVasto, MS, (Advisor: Czeck)
“Quantifying the Relationships Between Geochemical and Microtextural Changes Across Small-Scale Granitic Shear Zones”

Teri Gerard, MS, (Advisors: McHenry & Cameron)
“Volatiles in melt inclusions from scoria cones in Nicaragua: Implications for magma source and cone evolution.”

Jeanne Ramponi, MS, (Advisor: Cherkauer)
“Simulation of Shallow Groundwater Flow in a System Dominated By Lakes: Catherine Wolter Wilderness Area Nature Conservancy, Border Lakes Region, Vilas County, Wisconsin”

May 2011

Michael Kennedy, MS, (Advisor: Isbell)
“Testing Asteroid Impact as a Mechanism for Environmental Disruption at the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary (Montana, USA)”

Joseph Rufini, MS, (Advisor: McHenry)
“Hematitte and Sulfate Minerals in Lava Tubes, Craters of the Moon, Idaho: An Analog for Diagenesis at Meridiani Planum, Mars”

Robert Servais
, MS, (Advisor: Cherkauer)
“Evaluation of the Effects of Climate Change on Groundwater Recharge Using PRMS: A Regression Equation for the Prediction of Climatic Recharge Change”

Jacob Walczak
, MS, (Advisor: Xu)
“Antimicrobial-Resistant Bacteria in Dairy Manure: Occurance and Transport in the Environment”.

December 2010

Bonnie Bills
, MS, (Advisor: Cherkauer)
“Refinement of a Groundwater Model for the Village of Richfield, Wisconsin”

Micah Holzbauer
, MS, (Advisor: Grundl)
“Tracking Shallow Groundwater Anthropogenic Effects in Southeastern Wisconsin”

Zelenda Koch
, MS, (Advisor: Isbell)
“Reevaluation of the Late Paleozoic Glacigenic Deposits of the Pagoda Formation at Tillite Glacier, Central Transantarctic Mountains, Anatarctica”

August 2009

Jeff Bruesewitz, MS, (Advisor: Cameron)
“Geochemistry, Geochronology, and Petrology of the Cary Mound Granite, Wood County, Wisconsin”

December 2008

Tristan J. Kloss, MS, (Advisor: Dornbos)
“Paleoecology and taphonomy of the chancelloriid Allonnia junyuani from the Early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota, southwest China.”

August 2008

Rebecca Byars, MS, (Advisor: Czeck)
“Quantifying cataclastic fabric in deformation bands using wavelets to analyze connectivity of rock constituents”

May 2008

Mark Schlottke, MS, (Advisor: Dornbos)
“Paleoecology of the Middle Cambrian Eocrinoid Echinoderm Gogia Spiralis: Changes in Substrate Adaptations Through Ontogeny”

Joy Loughry, MS, (Advisor: Cherkauer)
“Hydrogeologic Study of the Catherine Wolter Wilderness area in Vilas County, Wisconsin: An Interpretation of the Local Surface Water and Ground Water Flow System”

Tanya Gregg, MS, (Advisor: Cameron)
“Chemical Variations of Select Cinder Cones in Southeastern Guatemala: Implications for the Explosive-effusive Transition”

May 2006

Darlene Fissler, MS, (Advisor: Czeck)
“A quantitative analysis of strain in the Seine River metaconglomerates, Rainy Lake region, Northern Ontario, Canada”

Matthew Kawa, MS, (Advisor: Isbell)
“Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Paleogeographic Significance of Lower Paleozoic Strata Along the Crest of the Wisconsin Arch”.

August 2005

Kirk L. Domke, MS, (Advisor: Dornbos)
“Paleoecology of the Middle Cambrian edrioasteroid echinoderm Totiglobus: Implications for unusual Cambrian body plans.”

December 2004

Tiffany Baxter, MS, (Advisor: Boundy)
“Evidence for Caledonian eclogite metamorphism and associated deep crustal faults in the Lofoten Islands, northern Norway”

May 2004

Snejana Boscov, MS, (Advisor: Cameron)
“Degassing study of subglacial volcanoes in the Tuya region of northern British Columbia using H2O content and hydrogen isotope analyses”

May 2003

Michael Cape, MS, (Advisor: Grundl)
“Geochemical Factors Controlling Radium in the Cambrian-Ordovician Aquifer System of Southeastern Wisconsin”.

Anthony Schram, MS, (Advisor: Grundl)
“Soil Baseline Concentrations of Cadmium, Chromium and Lead in Northwest Washington County, Wisconsin”.

May 2002

Catherine Hill, MS, (Advisor: Harris)
“Sedimentology and Environmental Interpretation of the Racine Formation Exposure at Lime Kiln Park”.

Paul Lenaker, MS, (Advisor: Isbell)
“Sedimentology of Permian Glacial Deposits Exposed in the Darwin Glacier Region, Antarctica”.

May 2001

Christopher Peychal
, MS, (Advisor: Kean)
“A Study of the Magnetic Basement Rocks of the Waterloo Wisconsin Area”

Heidi Yantz, MS, (Advisors: Cherkauer, Grundl)
“The Relationship of Ground-Water Chemistry to Land Use in the Menomonee River Watershed”