Jonathan Hanes

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Geography, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2011
B.S., Geography, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 2006

Research Interests

Bioclimatology, plant phenology, satellite remote sensing, vegetation feedbacks to the lower atmosphere, fluxes of energy and mass in forest ecosystems, philosophy of science

Representative Publications

Hanes, J.M. (2019). Science: More than Meets the Eye. EuroScientist (Opinion Article).

Hanes, J.M. (2014). Science and Religion: Think Local. Science, 346, 309. (Letter to the Editor)

Hanes, J.M., Liang, L., Morisette, J.T. (2014). Land Surface Phenology. In: Hanes, J.M. (ed.). Biophysical Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg.

Hanes, J.M., Richardson, A.D., Klostermann, S. (2013). Mesic temperate deciduous forest phenology. In: Schwartz, M.D. (ed.). Phenology: an Integrative Environmental Science, 2nd edition. Springer, New York.

Schwartz, M.D., Hanes, J.M., and Liang, L. (2013). Comparing carbon flux and high-resolution spring phenological measurements in a northern mixed forest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 169, 136-147.

Hanes, J.M. (2012). Spring Leaf Phenology and the Diurnal Temperature Range in a Temperate Maple Forest. International Journal of Biometeorology. DOI: 10.1007/s00484-012-0603-1

Hanes, J.M. and Schwartz, M.D. (2011). Modeling land surface phenology in a mixed temperate forest using MODIS measurements of leaf area index and land surface temperature. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 105, 37-50.

Morisette, J.T., Richardson, A.D., Knapp, A.K., Fisher, J.I., Graham, E., Abatzoglou, J., Wilson, B.E., Breshears, D.D., Henebry, G.M., Hanes, J.M., and Liang, L. (2009). Tracking the rhythm of the seasons in the face of global change: phenological research in the 21st Century. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 7, 253-260.