Alison Donnelly

 Bolton Hall 426


PhD, Botany, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 1998
MS, Environmental Science, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 1993
BA, Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 1988

Office Hours

By appointment

Courses Taught

Geog 125 – Introduction to Environmental Geography Syllabus
Geog 304 – Human Impact on the Environment Syllabus
Geog 340 – Biogeography Syllabus
Geog 450 – Climates of the Past and Climate Change Syllabus

Research Interests

My research interests include examining the effects of rising temperature on the timing of recurring life-cycle events (phenology) of plants and animals in Ireland. This work employs the use of long-term observational data together with controlled environment experiments and phenological modelling.

Representative Publications

Gedymin-Viel, Jana, Donnelly, Alison C., Fredlund, Glen, Mueller, Willian, and Brady, R. “Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) occurrence in urban areas of southeastern Wisconsin, USA” The American Midland Naturalist (2020).
Zhao, Bailu, Donnelly, Alison C., and Schwartz, Mark D. “Evaluating autumn phenology derived from field observations, satellite data and carbon flux measurements in a northern mixed forest, USA” International Journal of Biometeorology (2020).
Gedymin-Viel, Jana, Donnelly, Alison C., Fredlund, Glen, Mueller, William, and Brady, Richard. “Developing a citizen science protocol to monitor Common Nighthawks (Chordeiles minor) in southeastern Wisconsin” The Passenger Pigeon 82.3-4 (2020): 169-179.
Donnelly, Alison C., Yu, Rong, Rehberg, Chloe, Young, Erica B., and Meyer, Gretchen. Extracted leaf chlorophyll content with corresponding SPAD values of temperate deciduous native and non-native shrubs, autumn 2018, southern Wisconsin, USA PANGAEA. 2019.
Donnelly, Alison C. “Climate change: potential implications for biodiversity in Ireland” International Journal of Biometeorology (2018).
Donnelly, Alison C., Yu, Rong, Caffarra, Amelia, Hanes, Jonathan, Liang, Liang, Desai, Ankur, Liu, Lingling, and Schwartz, Mark. “Interspecific and interannual variation in the duration of spring phenophases in a northern mixed forest” Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 243. (2017): 55-67.