Michael Day

Professor Emeritus


DPhil, Geomorphology, Oxford University, England, 1978
BSc, Geography, Birmingham University, England, 1973

Courses Taught

Geog 128 – Caves and Caving
Geog 424 – Karst Geomorphology
Geog 650 – Fieldwork
Geog 654 – Tropical Fieldwork
Geog 810/910 – Research Methods

Office Hours

By appointment only

Research Interests

My research focuses on karst landscapes: their geomorphology, land use and conservation. Regions of focus are Central America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.

Representative Publications

Huang, W. , Deng, C. , & Day, M. J.(2014) Differentiating between tower karst (fenglin) and cockpit karst (fengcong) using DEM contour, slope and centroid.Environmental Earth Sciences, 72(2), 406-416.
Day, M. J.(2014) Preparing for fieldwork.Thornbush, M. J., Allen, C. D., & Fitzpatrick, F. A.(Eds). Geomorphological Fieldwork, 33-63. Elsevier: Amsterdam.
Day, M. J., & Chenoweth, M. S.(2013) Surface roughness of karst landscapes.Frumkin, A. (Ed). Treatise on Geomorphology, 6, 157-163. New York: Academic Press.
Day, M. J., & Reynolds, B. (2012) Five Blues Lake, Belize: A cautionary management tale.The Journal of Cave and Karst Studies, 74(2), 213-220.
Day, M. J.(2012) The Wenlock Edge, Shropshire: England’s least-known karst?.Cave and Karst Science, 39(3), 109-114.
Day, M. J., Halfen, A. , & Chenoweth, S. (2011) Boundary issues in assessing disturbance: the Cockpit Country, Jamaica.VanBeynen, P. (Ed). Karst Management, 439-458. Springer.
Day, M. J.(2011) Protection of karst landscapes in the developing world: Lessons from Central America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.Van Beynen, P. (Ed). Karst Management, 439-458. Rotterdam : Springer.