Summer 2023 Freshwater Courses

The School of Freshwater Sciences is offering three undergraduate elective courses (three credits each) to provide hands-on experiences in freshwater sciences on the Great Lakes and aquaculture.

Expedition to Great Lake Michigan, FRSHWTR 190-002
June 19-July 1, Monday-Saturday

Instructors: Carmen Aguilar and Russell Cuhel, UW-Milwaukee, Kevin Thaisen, UW-River Falls

Get hands-on experience on the R/V Neeskay as you explore characteristics of Lake Michigan and the near-shore environment. Taught by faculty from UW-Milwaukee and UW-River Falls. Open to students enrolled at any UW university through the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin. Students not enrolled at UW-Milwaukee can contact Mallory Kaul for information about enrolling as a special student. No prerequisites.

Must apply to enroll. Applications are due April 23. Funding available for up to 10 students to cover food, lodging and $1,000 in tuition fees. Apply here:

Fish Culture Techniques and Practices, FRSHWTR 650
July 24-Aug. 19, T/W/Th

Instructor: Dong-Fang Deng

This course is an introduction to fish culture techniques with a focus on model fish (zebrafish) and aquaculture fish for food or conservation (lake sturgeon, yellow perch, and walleye). Bio Sci 105 and Chem 104 (or equivalent) are strongly recommended.

Brew City Aquaponics: Hemp and Herbs, FRSHWTR 568
May 22-Aug. 26, Tuesdays

Instructor: Osvaldo Sepulveda Villet

This is a hands-on course on the principles behind high-value aquaponics production systems. It will emphasize intensive operations for production of culinary herbs, and industrial/medical hemp. Prerequisite: junior standing; BIO SCI 150(P) or equivalent; or graduate standing.