FRSHWTR 512-section 1/512G-section 1 (3 credits) Field Studies in Freshwater Science and Sustainability in a Rapidly Changing Ecological Corridor, Yucatan Peninsula

FRSHWTR 512- section 2/512G-section 2 (3 credits) Laboratory Methodology and Analysis in Tropical Freshwater Science

These courses will comprise one week at the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences and approximately seven weeks in Bacalar, Mexico. Students will be located in Mexico under the mentorship of Mexican scientists and collaborators during which weekly virtual meetings with UWM School of Freshwater Sciences faculty will be held to provide general oversight and ensure that research goals and objectives are being met. UWM School of Freshwater Sciences faculty will accompany the student cohort for the first and last weeks of the trip.

FRSHWTR 699/999 (3 credits) Independent Study. The course will introduce students to the ecological and historical background of the Yucatan Ecological Corridor, Mexico, as well as project planning for the associated field session. The course will be held in a hybrid format [Schedule TBD].

At semester’s end, all students regardless of credit/no credit option will turn in a well-prepared term paper and a poster formatted for presentation at a professional meeting. Travel and lodging expenses will be provided through a National Science Foundation grant. Anticipated dates are May 27 to July 15, 2024.