SFS Reservation Calendars

Room availability can be found on the SFS Reservation Calendars.  Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to reserve rooms for organizations that are not affiliated with the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee or the School of Freshwater Sciences at this time.

Questions, Cancellations, and Edits

Questions/cancellations/edits can be directed to sfs-reserve@uwm.edu.  If a room is already reserved, it is your responsibility to seek approval from the appropriate parties if you want to make room reservation changes.  Before changes can be made to existing reservations, we request that you forward email confirmations from all affected parties to sfs-reserve@uwm.edu.

SFS does not have an event staff

SFS does not have an event staff.  We ask that the organizations that are reserving rooms set-up and tear-down their own events.  The building is closed on weekends and outside business hours (8am – 5pm).  Please refrain from using rooms that were not included in your reservation and do not use tape on any walls.

A/V Information

A summary of A/V information is available for the various rooms – Please click here to review the equipment and send questions to sfs-it-help@uwm.edu.