John Janssen

School of Freshwater Sciences



PhD, Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University, 1974
MS, Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University, 1972
BS, Biology, Alma College, 1970

Research Interests

  • Fisheries ecology
  • Biological oceanography
Recent and Selected Publications

Feiner, Z.S., Foley, C.J., Swihart, R.K., Bootsma, H., Czesny, S., Janssen, J., Rinchard, J. and Höök, T.O., 2019. Individual and spatial variation are as important as species‐level variation to the trophic complexity of a lentic food web. Ecology of Freshwater Fish.

Grasty, S., Taylor, J.C. and Janssen, J., 2019. Pushing the Sampling Boundaries: Advanced Technology is Allowing Us to Survey Deeper, Longer, and Harder to Reach Areas of Our Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers. Fisheries 44:.309-311.

Turschak, B.A., Czesny, S., Doll, J.C., Grunert, B.K., Höök, T.O., Janssen, J. and Bootsma, H.A., 2018. Spatial variation in trophic structure of nearshore fishes in Lake Michigan as it relates to water clarity. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences76(3), pp.364-377.

Feiner, Z.S., Foley, C.J., Bootsma, H.A., Czesny, S.J., Janssen, J., Rinchard, J. and Höök, T.O., 2018. Species identity matters when interpreting trophic markers in aquatic food webs. PloS one, 13(10), p.e0204767.

Olson, D.S. and Janssen, J., 2017. Early feeding of round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) fry. Journal of Great Lakes Research. 43: 728-736.

Fisheries ecology, biological oceanography