12/21/21 2021 Accomplishments

Dear FPM Colleagues,

As we approach the end of the 2021 calendar year, I want to wish you all a happy holiday season and take a moment to reflect on the past year. Although we have returned to some activities that we enjoyed pre-pandemic, like picnics and events on campus, many have still experienced challenges during the past year. In spite of another unique year, the Facilities, Planning and Management team remained dedicated, collaborative, and innovative as we accomplished goals, completed projects, and maintained UWM’s facilities. I am so grateful and proud to be part of the FPM team with all of you.
Below, the FPM Director’s share some examples to demonstrate the magnitude of FPM’s accomplishments. Please understand that this list is by no means comprehensive but represents some of the many examples of the projects and activities FPM staff have completed in 2021.
Campus Planning
  • Completed Construction: Sandburg North Tower; Mitchell B95 Active Learning Classroom; Chapman Hall Regent’s Room; NWQ – SOIS, Student Health Center, and Nursing Simulation Center; Hefter Conference Center updates
  • Construction Initiated: Student Union Renovation; Klotsche Annex; Enderis, SARUP and Golda Meir Library Façade Repairs; (new) Chemistry Building; Mitchell exterior repairs and window replacement; Enderis 103 and 107 lecture hall renovations; Library Archives Renovation; Renovation of EMS 9-10
  • Completion of planning studies: Northwest Quad, Southwest Quad, SWQ Engineering & Neuroscience building pre-design
  • Design underway: Dock Wall Pre-design, Norris Design Development
  • Submittal of the 23-25 capital budget request to UW System
  • Delivery of successful government relations/legislative tours
  • Advancement of the Space Optimization Project
  • Placement of new Campus Planning Director
Facility Services
  • FS remained onsite performing daily operations and aiding and adapting to the campus’ changing needs under the pandemic. 
  • Return to Campus meant putting classrooms and other areas back to normal physical spacing, protecting students and staff through signage, Environmental Services (ES) cleaning and disinfecting (ongoing and in response to COVID-19 cases), ensuring electrical and plumbing systems safely maintained during low occupancy and after reopening, that mechanical and other systems operate within design parameters, and maintaining the grounds to ensure all could traverse safely and outside spaces are enjoyable for students, staff and faculty.
  • Our Architect / Engineering (A/E) area & Facility Services (FS) staff are managing approximately 50 small projects totaling about $60 million in funding and include Central Heating & Cooling Plant controls upgrades & stack replacement, mechanical, boiler & chiller repairs/upgrades, and ($800,000) lighting upgrades contributing greatly to increased reliability, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and productive, comfortable spaces.
  • Our Mailroom put in place a new postage and processing contract with Quadient, saving about 27% in processing costs and developed new process for receipt and proof of delivery.
  • Logistics and escalating supplies costs are growing concerns. Stores, FS Shops and Environmental Services continue to seek out new, affordable sourcing, and put Purchase Orders in place in efforts to service our customers and keep costs down.
  • Software needs have been identified, a proposal in place, and upgrade of TMA (CMMS) software planned for Summer 2022.
  • Door Access Control systems software & hardware upgrades are a need, a revised proposal and pricing are in hand, planning is done, a new RFB is in the works, and a schedule proposed.
  • The WOC has enhanced the look and updated and improved the content of the FS website adding a special training and development section for FPM and FPM Engagement Team site. FS staff remain deeply involved and contribute to the Engagement Team and other special projects.
  • Inventory Control improvements to accuracy and efficiency include a new process with Ferguson for plumbing stock and inventory parts, Stores staff revamping ES monthly product ordering system to accommodate ShopUW+.
  • Successful recruitment for some open positions and on-going recruitment of other key operations staff. The addition of Shops Supervisors, Leads, and a new Central Heating and Cooling Plant Superintendent is aiding oversight, operations, and efficiencies through review and tuning policies, procedures and planning and use of tools such as TMA and electronic scheduling software.
Facility Services at Waukesha and Washington County
  • Security cameras installed at both locations
  • Major space renovations at both campuses including new:
    • Student Union, fitness center, Continuing Education suite, and nursing lab at Waukesha
    • Diversity Center and Continuing Education spaces at Washington County.
  • Painting and general improvements campus wide at both locations
  • Completion of the final planning stage in the Climate Action- Carbon & Resilience Plan.  The draft plan is complete and under leadership and governance review.
  • In collaboration with Facility Services, UWM completed its first “retro commissioning” project at Lapham Hall.  This type of efficiency work typically falls between maintenance and capital projects.  The result was a deep dive on the building system to improve not only efficiency but operations and comfort as well.  There was also an estimated $118,000 annual energy savings from the project.
  • Budget savings realized through right-sized waste and recycling hauling during the pandemic were invested to improve outdoor on-campus collection.  The southeast quadrant of campus was outfitted with new Landfill/Recycling containers, doing away with the mishmash of sizes and styles on campus and reducing the number of containers for collection, streamlining labor and saving time.
  • Led effort to bring many UW institutions together to commit to interest in collaborating on a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement. Through these system wide discussions there is now an opportunity to present Sustainability initiatives to the Board of Regents in 2022.
Transportation Services
  • Added two more mobile payment vendors, including pay by text, eliminating the need for infrequest/one-time visitors to add an app to their mobile device by allowing the scan of a QR code to pay for parking.
  • Developed automated processes to help collect and validate data, such as a new SharePoint-based workflow for departments to request special visitor parking permits.
  • Added a Parking Customer Service Chat – We can answer questions quicker remotely thru Teams.
  • Brought back the MCTS bus pass for UWM employees with parking paying 54% of the cost.
  • Our Front Office assisted approx. 92,000 customers with questions (In-person, by phone, email, and chat). We transported roughly 50,000 students at night thru the BOSS vehicles.
University Safety and Assurances
  • A new Veterinarian, Biosafety Officer, and Occupational Safety and Training Manager joined our department, and the rest of the department stepped up to provide coverage while positions were vacant
  • Risk Management managed 14 property claims of which 5 required significant mitigation efforts, including a four-building flood event and a car fire in a parking garage
  • Submitted proposal for safety grant from Bureau of Risk Management
  • Developed Canvas courses for Radiation Safety and Animal Care
  • Rolled out new, streamlined IRB submission form and review process
  • COVID-19 activities continued, including daily employee case management and fit-testing of a large group of key staff.  US&A staff led or participated on EOC teams to achieve Special Requests reviews, Building Safety Plans updated by Building Preparedness and Operations Team, and fulfilling PPE and Supply requests for UWM.  Office employees returned to campus for operations that were previously fully remote.
As you can see, we have much to be proud of in FPM. This long list of accomplishments would not be possible without the dedicated team of professionals in FPM, so thanks to each of you for your contributions. I wish all of you a happy and healthy end of 2021 as we look forward to a promising year in 2022!
With gratitude and appreciation,

________________________________Melissa Spadanuda, MBA, CIP
Associate Vice Chancellor – Facilities, Planning and ManagementUniversity of Wisconsin – MilwaukeeP.O. Box 413, Enderis 689Milwaukee, WI  53201
Phone: 414-229-3173