Communication & Transparency

The Communication & Transparency working group focuses on creating methods that lead to appropriate and transparent communication across supervisors and staff in Facilities, Planning, and Management. This group works to determine what information should be shared and prioritized and what information does not need to be shared.

In addition, the group finds effective and efficient ways to communicate that information, improving overall communication throughout the departments.

2019-20 Goals

1. Price estimate and pilot monitors for communicating updates to FPM employees.

2. Create a newsletter (September, December, March, June) containing major announcements for the quarter, kudos to people in FPM deserving of a little extra recognition, updates from departments to help increase knowledge and understanding of all of the departments in FPM.

Fall 2019 (Volume 1, Issue 1)Summer 2020 (Volume 1, Issue 4)
Winter 2019 (Volume 1, Issue 2)Fall 2020 (Volume 1, Issue 5)
Spring 2020 (Volume 1, Issue 3)

3. Identify critical information that senior leadership needs to effectively communicate on a routine basis to staff and develop a best practices document to provide to leaders in FPM to guide them in current best practices in effective communication in the workplace.


Danielle Rintala (University Safety & Assurances)

Zack Steuerwald (University Safety & Assurances)

Debbie Downer (Facility Services, Environmental Services)
Jonah Molzahn (Facility Services, Grounds)

Vicky Russ (Department of Transportation)

Mike Priem
(Campus Planning & Management)