Fair Expectations, Respect, & Inclusion

The Fair Expectations, Respect, & Inclusion working group’s goal is to establish an environment that values respect, inclusivity, and recognition of each individual in the Facilities, Planning, and Management working community. By establishing this kind of environment, the working community will not only be able to accomplish all tasks in the most productive way possible, but it will be able to learn and grow together as a team.

2019-20 Goals:

The team’s overall goals include recognition for work, talent enrichment, attitude development, and improved employee resources, collaboration, inclusion, and acceptance. They hope to achieve these goals through training & educational opportunities.

1. Allow employees approximately 10 minutes per day to access the computer for work-related resources (e.g., work email, HR resources, StayWell), at a time that works for the employee and unit. Employees may use kiosks in supervisors’ offices, publicly available computers in campus buildings, or their mobile device.

2. Provide time and access to work-related trainings (e.g., IT, HR, wellness events) for all employees.

3. Promote feedback: Ensure annual written review, plus have one-on-one or group conversations every two months (these more frequent meetings may be informal).

4. Support training related to inclusion, micromanaging, and mentoring.

5. Promote inclusion and diversity: Work with HR to evaluate removing names and dates of birth from employment applications when reviewed by Search and Screen Committees, and review job descriptions for inclusive language. 

6. Suggestion box at large events / neutral locations / Engagement website.


Andy Dummann (Facility Services, Grounds)

Brian Harness (Facility Services, Environmental Services)

Jennifer Herriges (University Safety & Assurances)

Leah Stoiber (University Safety & Assurances)
Karen Wolfert (Campus Planning & Management)

Timothy Beyersdorf (Facility Services, Mailroom)

Kate Nelson (Office of Sustainability)