FPM Employee Engagement

2023 FPM Fall All Staff Meeting (Recording)

Survey Report (2018)

To assess the climate and employee engagement within Facilities, Planning, and Management (FPM) at UWM, an anonymous online survey was created and distributed to all FPM staff. Survey questions were designed to measure the satisfaction with the work environment, relationships with co-workers, expectations and resources, training and supervisors and management. Open-ended responses have been grouped together into thematic categories and summarized. Approximately 180 of the 268 FPM employees completed the survey in April 2018.

The survey responses indicated many positive things about FPM. There were also some areas identified as opportunities for improvement. To understand these areas more specifically, 26 small group meetings were held with approximately 100 FPM staff to probe more deeply into the issues and understand reasons for the survey responses.

The results from the survey and small group meetings have been useful for understanding the strengths of FPM and the opportunities for improvement. FPM teams will be formed to develop action plans to address the opportunities for improvement.

To learn more about the survey results, you can find a summary of the small groups findings and the initial FPM engagement teams plan, in the 2018 FPM Engagement Survey Report.

You may also view the slides from the all FPM meeting held on December 6 and 7, 2018.


FPM Engagement Working Groups

Based on data collected from surveys and small group meetings, the FPM Engagement Team formed several working groups to evaluate and improve certain areas.

These working groups include staff from different FPM departments with varying levels of responsibility, including both managers and non-managers. Team members will serve two to four-year terms, and membership changes will be staggered to prevent all members from beginning and ending their participation at the same time. Membership changes allow the opportunity to maximize staff participation while ensuring a variety of thoughts and ideas are considered.

Each group meets to develop short, medium, and long-term goals to improve each of their areas of focus. Goals are paired with action plans and anticipated completion dates. Working groups report ideas to the FPM Engagement Team and they work together to put the ideas into action.

Working Groups

Communication & Transparency

Training & Development

Fair Expectations, Respect, & Inclusion

Safety Committee


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