Training & Development

The Training & Development working group is dedicated to communicating training opportunities to general employees and creating a training structure to help department management improve distribution of training dollars.

2019-20 Goals

The group hopes to achieve these goals by finding both cheap and free training opportunities and setting up training events that can benefit multiple departments at one time.

1. One of the group’s big goals has already been achieved. There is now a list of training resources for employees to use for both professional and personal development. Resources include many free training opportunities as well as several internships and scholarships.

2. Environmental Services: Basic computer training as part of “onboarding” and Outstanding Staff Training opportunities.

3. Develop a Training Tracking Tool for FPM management to use. Create a “toolbox” for supervisors to utilize to track existing and additional/future training for their staff. 

4. Supervisor training for all FPM Management.

5. Schedule events similar to FAA Friday Affairs for FPM Engagement.



Dawn Aguilera (Facility Services)

Laura Stevens (Office of Sustainability)

Lauren Groh (Facility Services)