FPM Engagement Team

The FPM Engagement Team was formed to respond to the 2018 Employee Survey by identifying areas of improvement within Facilities, Planning, and Management and developing working groups to address those issues.

They assist the working groups as they formulate goals and help them to communicate about those goals with FPM leadership.

Together, they have achieved many ideas into action, since spring of 2019, including:

  • creating an all-FPM website.
  • installing message board computers at several campus time clocks.
  • implementing and co-hosting computer training classes for FPM staff.
  • publishing a quarterly FPM newsletter.
  • hosting two major FPM training events.

The team will also be responsible for future employee surveys as well as ongoing growth and changes within the working groups.


Melissa Spadanuda (University Safety & Assurances)

Dawn Aguilera (Facility Services, Operations)

Danielle Rintala (University Safety & Assurances)

Mike Priem (Campus Planning)

Glenn Morgan (Transportation Services)
Christi Larson (UWM Waukesha and Washington County)

Brian Harness (Facility Services, Environmental Services)

Steve Wilke (Facility Services, Grounds)

Robert Wahl (Facility Services, Environmental Services)

Lauren Groh (Facility Services, Operations)


Working Groups:

Communication & Transparency

Training & Development

Fair Expectations, Respect, & Inclusion

Safety Committee