11/16/21 Length of Service Awards

As the seasons change and the time of Thanksgiving approaches, I want to take the opportunity to thank our Facilities, Planning and Management colleagues for your on-going dedication and commitment to FPM and UWM. I am so proud of the excellent work you do every day, and I am grateful to be part of the FPM team with all of you. 
In addition, on Wednesday, November 17th, UWM will be celebrating Length of Service award recipients. FPM has 54 people receiving an award this year, and we are so fortunate to have been working with these colleagues and friends from 5 to 35 years. The UWM event is being held in the Union Ballroom at 3pm on Wednesday: https://uwm.edu/universityrelations/length-of-service-awards/


Please take a moment to congratulate the following FPM award recipients:

35 Years

Debbie Downer

30 Years

Joanne Golden

25 Years

Keith Jackson

Glenn Morgan

20 Years

Fernando Garcia

Quincy James Jones

Peter Leverenz

Michael Masalewicz

Jenny Nemke

Eric Rice

Jonathan Sabez

Goran Stanojevic

William Sullivan

Shulammite Umeseaka

15 Years

Sherry Halbert

Cedric Humphrey

Christi Larson

Joseph Miller

Tommy Plunkett

10 Years

Dawn Aguilera

Bjorn Case

Rada Drazovic

Blanca Huapaya

James Kasmerchak

William Ludwig

John Minz

Rosemarie Morales

John Morrissey

Shirley Sondej

Richard Suminski

Karen Wolfert

5 Years

Sidney Aldridge

Daniel Alioto

Dan Benning

Avery Burke

Erica Davis

Matt Dragan

Bryant Ellis

Joshua Fleming

Michael Ford

Patricia Gordon

Austin Haas

Allen Holle

David Jordan

Pamela Moraska

Gene Pulles

Sara Riordan

Jessie Robinson

Darren Smith

Kenyetta Stanford

Joshua Stratton

Adonis Torrence

Chris Waddell

Reginald Wilson

________________________________Melissa Spadanuda, MBA, CIP
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