1/28/2021 New COVID-19 Testing Requirements

Good Morning FPM Team,
I understand there are many questions/concerns about the COVID-19 testing requirements. The purpose of the testing is to keep people safe by reducing the spread of COVID-19. Many details can be found in the email from HR below. I will try to summarize the main points.
    • This testing requirement ensures routine testing of faculty, staff and students that are on-site at least one time per week.
    • Because some people that have COVID-19 are not experiencing symptoms, routine testing will enable notification to those individuals. Then a separation (quarantine) period is required for those individuals during the time they could spread COVID-19.
    • Testing is available at 3 UWM locations
    • Alternatively, you may also be tested at community sites, through your healthcare provider or with a self-administered test
    • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days, you may request a testing exemption using the same testing exception form.
    • Please discuss questions and concerns with your department supervisor and/or Director.
Thank you for supporting this effort to keep everyone safe and healthy,